*Frequently Asked Questions

Due to health and hygiene concerns, no exchanges on hair extensions can be accepted for any reason.




When I order from any of Tl’Zani virgin hair collections, can I request/ make a wave pattern selection?

The hair that we offer in the Tl’Zani collection is 100% virgin, human hair. This means that the hair was not manipulated to create a uniformed wave pattern. There are a wide selection of a curl patterns and textures in these categories. The wave patterns range from a straight to a kinky afro curl texture. You may request a particular wave pattern, but THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. Please be prepared to receive any wave pattern in the category mentioned above. 


When I order from the Tl’Zani virgin hair collections, can I request/ make a Luster selection?

Yes, you may. Due to the natural nature of this product., LUSTER SELECTIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. As always, we do our very level best to meet your luster requirements.


Does Tl’Zani virgin hair collections have a wholesale program?

Yes, Tl’Zani Virgin Hair Co. does offer a wholesale program. You can Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-859-2641 or E-mail us @tlzanime@live.com

Length Consideration


When your website says 18-20inches, does that mean I will receive 2 or 3 bundles?

No, the price on this website is for one bundle/pack only. If you order one pack/bundle of 18-20inches, you will receive ONE pack /bundle of either length 18, 19 or20 inches. If you want your finished length to be 20inches, we suggest you order length 20-22inches, just to be on the safe side.


Do you ever have sales?

In an effort to maintain our product's consistency, we do not offer price reductions, promotions or sales often. We may have one or two in a given year!


How many bundles do I need for a full sew in?

Tl’Zani Virgin Hair Co.: You need 2 bundles for a full head. For lengths 10-18 inches inches and longer, we recommend 3 bundles.



What color are my bundles?

In general, all of our hair comes in natural black or brown colors. Natural Textures Virgin Hair Collection comes in off black to medium brown colors. Please be prepared to dye your bundles to match your exact hair color. Tl’Zani has many varieties of hair. Selective collections may vary with color options.


I just received my Tl’Zani Virgin hair bundles and they seem to be shedding some hair. Why is that?

No, it is not shedding. After the wefting process, there are some loose hairs caught within the "body" of your bundles that are not attached to the weft. This is absolutely NORMAL. As part of the post-weft process, we brush each bundle thoroughly to remove all loose hairs, but it is possible that some loose hairs may still be present. We expect that you will notice a few strands when you brush and when you have your initial wash. The "shedding" should stop immediately after that. You should expect an average of 2-3 strands a day going forward. Please note, some bundles may have considerably more loose hairs than others. These bundles may require several more brush outs and washes before the "shedding" stops.


What is the origin of the Tl’Zani Collection?

In an effort to protect our brand. we do not disclose the origin of the Tl’Zani collection hair. We can say that the Tl’Zani collection hair is full cuticle human hair that is LONG LASTING. Don't get caught in the trend, Seek longevity and quality!


Can I cut the weft?

We advise that you don’t cut your weft, unless you absolutely need to. If you do cut your weft, tell your Hair Stylist to seal your weft to prevent shedding.


Can I flat iron my weave?

Yes, because Tl’Zani hair is natural human hair, you may flat iron, blow-dry or dye hair. We will recommend that you reduce the amount of heat used on the hair to prevent damage as well as utilize Tl’Zani hair extension products. After a wash, we prefer that you air dry your hair.


Can I dye my hair?

You may dye your hair. We recommend that you have an experienced Stylist dye your hair to match the color that you desire.


How long will my hair last?

The longevity of your Tl’Zani hair primarily depends on the daily and overall care provided to your hair extensions.


Are all bundles the same?

No, Virgin hair is distinct and no two heads of hair is exactly alike. Our photos are meant to give you a good idea of the texture and color. Due to the natural nature of our hair, we cannot guarantee that each bundle will be of the same color or wave/curly texture. This should be assurance that you have purchased REAL Virgin hair.


Shipping Timeframes

Refer to the product page for the shipping time frame.