Welcome To Tl'Zani Studio

Welcome to Tl’Zani Hair Studio &Co.

  It is truly our honor and privilege to have you as our guest. Please know that it is our extreme desire to provide the highest quality service in the most pleasant environment. Our concept for success is based on understanding, fulfilling and exceeding your needs and expectations. Your unconditional satisfaction is our goal.

   Tl’Zani’s team of licensed professionals, continue to challenge themselves through advanced education. Rest assured we are up to date with the latest styles, hair trends, hair and nail spa treatments, and Spa services. Our stylists are trained the same way regardless of experience, using the Tl’Zani system of non-surgical hair placement, feather cutting, hair care and design.

  We strive to be known for not only pampering and relaxation, but also unparalleled guest service. We want your experience to be stress free and want you to feel as good as you look when you leave. In order to insure quality control and consistency, Tl’Zani encourages our clients to feel free to select any stylist or licensed professional for any reason. At Tl’Zani we want our clients to feel spoiled, so please don’t feel embarrassed or intimidated, your satisfaction is all that matters, not our egos!

  As always, we acknowledge that any success we have achieved is only due to your continued commitment. Thank you for putting your trust in Tl’Zani. Let us know if we can better service you in anyway.


All the best,

The Team at Tl’Zani