i Tip extensions

If you're looking for high quality real hair extensions, but are concerned they may show, (thin hair) these I-Tip hair extensions are the perfect hair extensions solution. NO Glue, NO braids, NO Thread, NO harsh chemicals, NO pain. I-Tiphair extensions by Tl'Zani gives a full natural look, from root to tip. Here at Tl'Zani we provide custom strand placement for a more natural realistic look.  

What they are: I-tip hair extensions are tiny and less likely to be noticed. The I-Tip is the smallest ring yet, its slipped onto a strand of hair, followed by the wire tipped virgin Remy/ Raw Temple & Natural Textures extension strand which is inserted through the ring and clamped flat. This makes them one of the safest methods of applying real hair extensions.

Who they are for: I-Tip are for woman with fine hair that desire to have a healthy, thick and voluminous looking hair. 

The maintenance: An maintenance appointment should be made every three - four weeks to keep them in the very best condition. Tl’Zani Extensions are reusable and can last the test of time with proper care. 

Type of hair needed: The healthiest hair is Tl'Zani hair. Tl'zani Remy & Natural Texture hair guarantees the cuticles are pointed in the same direction, it lasts longer, and reduces tangles. 

Note: Our descriptions must only be used as a guide to help you purchase your I-Tip Extensions. Always consult your stylist for details regarding application methods.