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  What Is 6 Dimension Hair Extension?
6D Hair Extension Tool is a new innovative tool that turns the hassle of conventional hair extension into a quick and easy process. The 6D Hair Extension Tool is able to complete ten strand by strand extensions of real hair in a matter of minutes.
The 6D tool is able to complete an entire head of hair in less than 30 min.



NO Tape
 NO Sticky Glues
 NO Harsh Wax 
NO Plastics 
NO Braiding
 NO Thread
 NO Elastic Bands 
This simple and easy tool is also able to re-use hair that is well maintained and intact,  not only will this save money but also keep customers returning back to you!








* All class deposits are non-refundable, however should a situation arise where you cannot attend the class which you have signed up for, you may use your payment towards any future class within 90 days. We require 48 hours notice for any cancellations. ("No-shows" and less than 48 hours notice will result in loss of complete deposit.) 

TOOL KIT FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING - Once we receive your completed registration form and deposit, we will dispatch your visual course or tool kit within 72 hours, or on the following business day. Tool kits are sent directly to your door via Express mail and will be delivered within 3-5 business days. For this reason, please be sure to input your current and correct mailing address when filling out the payment form. Please bring your complete tool kit with you on the date of your course. You will also be provided with a tracking # for your shipment upon dispatch. Please Note: Starting Jan 1 2018, tool kits for all Package #3, 6D Crtified Training Course will be shipped directly to the venue and will be ready for you at the class when you arrive. 
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