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Invisible pART

Tl'Zani Signature Invisible Part Technique is like non other. Here at Tl'Zani we provide custom strand placement techniques for a more natural realistic look.  

What they are: Securely measured pieces of track hair extensions that are customized and attached by a bond adhesive to create a natural part illusion.

Who they are for: This Signature technique was custom made for woman who want an illusion of a natural part, giving a full illusion of hair growing out the scalp.

Kind of hair: The best hair is Tl'Zani hair extensions. Tl'Zani has a variety of hair textures and curl pattern to give the finishing touch to your fashion look.

Application Time: 15min. - 20 min. depending on the amount of additional services.

Self hair care: Avoid use of oils or silicone-based products near the scalp and attachment.

The maintenance: An maintenance appointment should be made every 2 to 3 weeks, to keep them in the very best condition. Invisible parts can be reagusted  like new without having to spend time replacing the whole attachment

Re-Application : Full install 1-2 months.

Note: Our descriptions must only be used as a guide to help you purchase your extensions. Always consult your stylist for details regarding application methods.