3mm Curly


Tl'Zani customized technique used to add hair extensions by creating a foundation with nice firm cornrows, installed in the middle of the head, with much more hair left out around the perimeter Partial sew-ins are great for extra length and fullness. Clients can go from short to long or long to short using any color texture of hair with a variety of style choices. TL’ZANI also offers the choice of a net weave as well as invisible part for clients with thinning hair, and for those whom frequently wash their hair due to work, gym & athletics. The net works well for decreasing the risk of breakage & tension on the hair. Here at Tl'Zani we provide custom techniques, and strand placement for a more natural realistic look.  

Kind of hair: The best hair is Tl'Zani's hair that guarantees the cuticles are pointed in the same direction. This is the healthiest hair, it lasts longer, and reduces tangles. 

Application Time: Application takes  1-2 hours.

Self hair care: Do what you will but please show it off!

The maintenance: An maintenance appointment should be made every 2-3 weeks, for a complete wash to keep your scalp in the healthiest condition. Tl’Zani Extensions are reusable and can last the test of time with proper care

Re-Application : 2-3 months

Note: Our descriptions must only be used as a guide to help you purchase your extensions. Always consult your stylist for details regarding application methods.